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iQOO Service Center in Coimbatore| iQOO Display Replacement

The iQOO brand is a sub-brand of Vivo in China. In India, it was launched as an independent brand. BBK Electronics, the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, announced iQOO as a Vivo sub-brand in March 2019, joining Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus as its newest smartphone brand. It will be launched in India in February 2020 as an independent smartphone brand – iQOO Service Center in Coimbatore| iQOO Display Replacement

A performance-oriented sub-brand, iQOO is also more focused on gaming and other performance-intensive tasks than Vivo, which focuses primarily on camera and sound quality.

iQOO Service Center in Coimbatore| iQOO Display Replacement

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor is the key feature of the smartphone iQOO 3, which was released on 25 February 2020, giving it a competitive edge over its competitors. Initially, the smartphones are sold online. India’s smartphones are manufactured at Vivo’s facilities in Bangalore, where the company has an office.

The Chinese market saw six iQOO smartphones introduced during 2020-2021, while India saw three smartphones introduced by May 2021.

Here are the list of iQOO Models:

iQOO 10, iQOO 9T, iQOO 9 SE, iQOO 9, iQOO 8, iQOO 7, iQOO 5, iQOO 3 5G, iQOO Z6 Pro, iQOO Z6, iQOO Z5x, iQOO Z5, iQOO Z3, iQOO Z1, iQOO u5e, iQOO u5x, iQOO U5, iQOO U3x, iQOO U3x 5G, iQOO U3 5G, iQOO U1x, iQOO U1, iQOO 10 Pro, iQOO 9 Pro, iQOO 8 Pro, iQOO 5 Pro 5G, iQOO Neo 6, iQOO 6 SE, iQOO 5 SE, iQOO Neo 5S, iQOO 5 Lite, iQOO Neo 3, IQOO Neo.

iQOO Service Center in Coimbatore| iQOO Display Replacement

IQOO device problems are diagnosed and fixed by Fixfone24 using quality spare parts. As part of our IQOO device repair service, we repair the motherboard and chips, replae cracked screens and displays, repair water and liquid damage, repair touch screens, repair speakers, microphones, and headphone jacks, troubleshoot and upgrade software, fix network problems, wireless / bluetooth problems, diagnose dead phones, repair charging ports, cameras, battery and power issues, and repair physical damage.

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